Sustainable aviation biofuels


One of the most exciting areas of green development in aviation is the introduction of sustainable aviation biofuels. Following a series of test flights from 2008 to 2011, the aviation industry was given approval to use biofuels in passenger flights. Now that technical hurdles are overcome, the challenge of commercialisation needs to be tackled.

ATAG has been helping the industry communicate the opportunities of aviation biofuels since 2009, when we published the Beginner's Guide to Aviation Biofuels. Since then, we have been tracking the progress of the technical evaluation and test flights through the platform. It is now important to ensure the investment community, biofuels suppliers and governments throw their support behind aviation biofuels. ATAG has begun this process by publishing Powering the Future of Flight and undertaking media outreach, as well as supporting the activities of partner organisations and airlines.