ATAG in the media

  • Top 10 predictions for the future of travel

  • 06 October 2014: Lonely Planet and the International Air Transport Association joined forces to mark the 100th anniversary of commercial air travel with top 10 predictions for the future of world travel, quoting ATAG data.  Articles appeared in Travel Agent Central, Travel Daily News and the Bangkok Post.


  • Connecting Denmark with the World, Sustainably

  • 05 September 2014: Appeared in Travel News Daily.

  • ATAG welcomes Michael Gill as its new Executive Director

  • 30 May 2014: FlightGlobal published an article about Michael Gill, with references to ATAG, Aviation: Benefits Beyond Borders and the 2014 Global Sustainable Aviation Summit.

  • Aviation industry leads the way in addressing climate change

  • 29 November 2013: Airport Business did a profile of the joint industry efforts, led by ATAG, to deliver the historic agreement at ICAO in September.

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