ATAG in the media

  • Latin America growth in the news

  • 08 September 2012: Two reports, one on Agencia Latina Press and the otheron Aeronoticias, outline the expected growth in the Latin American region, as mentioned in the Aviation benefits beyond borders report. This news was also reported in a number of other regional publications.

  • linked from The Australian

  • 08 September 2012: This article in The Australian newspaper's travel section features a link to

  • Swiss Magazine September 2012

  • 08 September 2012: The Swiss in-flight magazine used facts from the ATAG report Aviation: benefits beyond borders in the environment section of its September 2012 magazine.


  • Flightpath to a sustainable future

  • 12 August 2012: A new publication is out detailing the parties involved in the Rio+20 ICAO Flightpath project, including ATAG.


  • Collaborative environmental management goes viral

  • 30 July 2012: A story in Eurocontrol's Skyway magazine focuses on environmental collaborative decision making across Europe.

    Skyway article (322.45KB)

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