ATAG in the media

  • Bangkok Post on the benefits of aviation

  • 18 June 2012: The Bangkok Post took advantage of the Aviation: benefits beyond borders report to produce an infographic and detailed article on the benefits of aviation, following the IATA Annual Meeting in Beijing.

  • ETS in the South China Morning Post

  • 22 February 2012: In response to a rather frankly-worded opinion piece in the South China Morning Post (Beijing’s stance on airline emissions stinks of hypocrisy - behind a paywall), ATAG responds with a letter to the editor which can be read after 'read more':

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  • Bellona Foundation speaks at ATAG side event at COP17

  • 02 December 2011: The Norway-based environmental NGO Bellona Foundation was one of the speakers at our side event on aviation biofuels at the UN climate talks in Durban (COP17). They wrote about their participation in this article on their website.

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