ATAG in the media

  • Public Service Review

  • 13 November 2011: ATAG Executive Director Paul Steele has an article in the Transport edition of the Public Service Review, November 2011. The article, titled Better Connected, looks at the important role that collaboration plays in a sustainable future for aviation and suggests that collaboration with governments is as important as the collaboration already underway between industry partners.

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  • What helps the economy, benefit the environment

  • 02 November 2011: German magazine VDI Nachrichten (the Association of German Engineers' news magazine) has a piece on aviation biofuels, quoting ATAG global targets (in German, English translation here).

  • ICAO Sustainable Aviation Fuels Workshop

  • 19 October 2011: ATAG did a number of interviews with local press during the ICAO Sustainable Aviation Fuels Workshop in Montreal. Local newspaper La Presse Affaires did a story on biofuels and free commuter paper 24 Heures also carried a piece. Both are in French.

  • Aviation biofuels in the International Herald Tribune

  • 10 October 2011: The International Herald Tribune / New York Times Asian environment correspondent takes a look at the world of aviation biofuels, including speaking to ATAG in the story Airlines Weigh the Advantages of Using More Biofuel.

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