Climate Action Takes Flight Toolkit

Following the conclusion of the UN Climate Talks (COP21) at the end of 2015, the aviation sector is now fully-focused on working towards its own climate change framework at the ICAO Assembly in 2016 (September / October). The 2016 Assembly it is going to be vital to the aviation industry's plans for tackling the climate impact for which we are responsible.

We have prepared the Guide to Communicating Aviation’s Climate Action for 2016 for use by partners across the industry. We hope this will prove to be a useful tool to help place your organisation’s climate change action in a global industry-wide context. The Guide goes through some of the key messages associated with the topic and also provides suggestions for communications opportunities that your organisation could use in the lead-up to the ICAO Assembly. Below are some publications and fact sheets that can help the industry tell the message about our climate action - these will be added to as tools are developed throughout the year, so check this page regularly.

Please note that some of these resources are intended for a internal-industry purposes and should not be distributed further. 

For further details, or if you have any questions, the team at ATAG and IATA, ACI and CANSO are available to help. Haldane Dodd ( and Calum Smith ( are available.


We would encourage industry partners to use the Climate Action Takes Flight logo on related publications and websites. This is available in JPEG, EPS and PNG and as colour, greyscale, black and white. Please contact Calum Smith ( with details of how you would like to use the logo.



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