What we do

The Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) is an independent coalition of member organisations and companies throughout the commercial aviation industry.

Our Mission

ATAG's mission is to define common positions on issues and to make expert and constructive contributions to the industry and governmental consultation process.

To this end, ATAG:

  • advocates for coordinated action on strategic issues (such as environment and infrastructure) that require cross-industry involvement – and contributes to public policy debates;
  • mobilises the industry towards joint statements and promotion of a joint vision;
  • carries out appropriate studies to develop consistent data and information;
  • proactively communicates aviation's positive role and impact with respect to economic and social development; and
  • operates with flexibility and an open mind, thus creating the conditions for a transparent dialogue. In so doing, ATAG plays an influential role in ensuring that aviation can continue to grow according to market demands and deliver the enormous economic and social benefits it brings to the world.

Action – how it works

ATAG has a worldwide mandate set by its funding members who have a seat on ATAG's Board of Directors. This mandate alters according to the global needs of the aviation industry. By working proactively and by representing such a broad spectrum of industry players, ATAG is recognised as a credible source of information, enabling it to better position air transport with governments, intergovernmental bodies and interested parties.

ATAG provides access to a wide range of information sources, data and forecasts, which are distributed through ATAG's publications.

ATAG has also developed a global cross-industry initiative that informs the general public about the aviation industry's sustainable aviation activities through social media outlets and our dedicated websites. See www.enviro.aero and www.aviationbenefits.org.

ATAG also organises highly-respected global events like the annual Global Sustainable Aviation Summit to unite the industry behind a common objective to tackle the industry's climate change impact.