Membership benefits

Membership of ATAG provides the opportunity to be part of a unique group where prominent member organisations and companies work together to achieve the sustainable aviation capacity improvements that are so urgently needed.

As an ATAG member, you will

  • forge a broad network of international high-level contacts throughout the air transport industry;
  • share expertise and work closely with industry professionals to identify and evaluate infrastructure and environmental developments impacting air transport;
  • provide solutions to the industry’s challenges and priorities;
  • benefit from reduced delegate rates for all ATAG-organised events;
  • receive all ATAG documentation and publications;
  • attend ATAG’s General Assembly.

Annual fees

As a not-for-profit and fully independent association, ATAG relies exclusively on its annual members’ dues and support.

There are four different categories of membership.

Funding members

Funding membership is designed for members that play a driving role within ATAG and devote substantive time and resources to this end. Minimum annual contribution: CHF 26,500

This category of membership:

  • plays a leading role in defining and driving ATAG’s policies and strategy;
  • has a seat on ATAG’s Board of Directors.
  • participates in ATAG working groups and projects.
Associate members

Associate membership is designed for members that are part of the aviation supply chain and are keen to actively contribute to ATAG’s mission. Minimum annual contribution: CHF 10,000.

This category of membership:

  • takes part in an annual ATAG strategy meeting, thereby providing input on key ATAG issues; and
  • benefits from two complimentary delegate passes to the Global Sustainable Aviation Summit.
Active members

Active membership is designed for members that have a keen interest in ATAG’s mission but cannot devote similar time and/or resources. Minimum annual contribution: CHF 1,500.


Partnership is offered to aviation partners, such as travel and tourism institutions or chambers of commerce that are not eligible for membership but are keen to cooperate with ATAG. Minimum annual contribution: CHF 250 or reciprocity.