Industry communications


ATAG plays an active role in bringing together commercial aviation industry partners worldwide to improve communications about the industry.

With input from communications experts from across the industry, ATAG has developed the web resource which promotes the huge amount of work being done by the aviation sector to reduce emissions.

ATAG is also proactive in developing tools for the industry to use in their own communications activities – including Aviation: Benefits Beyond Borders, Aviation Climate Solutions and Climate Action Takes Flight. In addition to these publications, ATAG has also produced a number of ‘beginners guides’ to important issues in the field of aviation sustainability, such as sustainable aviation fuels, aviation efficiency and air traffic management reforms. You can access these publications and more in our online library environmental communications

Following ATAG’s Aviation & Environment Summit in 2006, ATAG was tasked by its Board to develop a cross-industry communications initiative, focusing on promoting the industry’s very active response to its climate change mitigation obligations.

This resulted in the environmental communications initiative which, since it started, has become a great success, with airlines, airports, manufacturers and ANSPs the world over now communicating the good work they are doing and presenting an industry firmly taking charge of its environmental impact.

The website has become the commercial aviation industry’s platform for industry communications on all environmental issues. It has been launched in French, German, Italian and Spanish

For companies within the commercial aviation industry wishing to contribute by providing case studies, links to the website or media activities, please contact the ATAG secretariat.