Global Summit to showcase aviation carbon reduction

Geneva - The global aviation industry gathers in Geneva, Switzerland tomorrow for the fifth Aviation & Environment Summit where it expects to clearly demonstrate the progress it has been making to deliver on a set of unprecedented environmental targets.

Following last year's summit, the industry put forward the targets - it says that it will cap net carbon emissions from aviation from 2020 and by 2050 will reduce its net emissions to half of what they were in 2005 - in order to unblock a political process that it says was stalled.

Representatives from the aviation sector have been working to convince governments that its targets are the most appropriate way to deal with emissions from aviation, a sector that was singled out in the Kyoto Protocol for different treatment to other parts of the economy due to its global nature.

Paul Steele, executive director of the Air Transport Action Group which organises the summit, said, "Our targets are ambitious and they are unique - no other industry has come together the way that airlines, airports, air navigation providers and the aviation manufacturers have. We should be proud of that, but the work has just begun. We have ten years to reach our 2020 target to cap net emissions. I believe we are well on our way."

The summit is expected to provide a platform for announcements on a range of industry projects to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Importantly, it also takes place ten days before the world's governments meet under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the UN agency responsible for regulating global air transport at their triennial assembly.

"Today in Montreal, the ICAO Council is meeting in preparation for the ICAO Assembly in a few weeks time. It is fitting, therefore, that we are also meeting to discuss not only targets and goals, but a whole series of real actions that the industry is taking to reduce emissions."

The summit begins tomorrow and lasts until Friday.





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