Aviation industry to explore sustainable future in Latin America

Geneva – The Latin American aviation industry will gather in Rio de Janeiro at the end of July for the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) Latin America Sustainable Aviation Workshop. The event will bring together leaders from across the sector together with government representatives to discuss the economic, social and environmental challenges that growth in aviation brings and how air transport is overcoming those challenges.

The Latin American aviation industry is growing fast. From 136 million passengers today, the region’s airlines are forecast to grow faster than the industry average and almost every other region, increasing three-fold in the next 20 years. In Latin America, aviation is responsible for 2.4 million jobs that create nearly three times higher value than average jobs in the economy. Aviation and the tourism it brings to Latin America adds some $44 billion to the region’s economy. In fact, the UN World Tourism Organisation expects 1 in 10 jobs to be in travel and tourism worldwide by 2020.

ATAG is the only global organisation representing all parts of the aviation industry – airports, airlines, air traffic control and manufacturers. The group’s Executive Director, Paul Steele, says: “With growth comes economic opportunity, but also challenges. Aviation is known for providing high-quality jobs and bringing important trade and tourism to a region. We also have a great track record on reducing our environmental footprint.

“This workshop will bring together industry and governments to explore some of the challenges that will accompany the expected growth in traffic in Latin America and ways that different parties can work together to make the most of this opportunity.”

Industry representatives are invited to attend the workshop on Tuesday 26 July 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Further information can be found on www.atag.org.


Speakers at the event include representatives from: the Brazilian Government, Embraer, ALTA, IATA, Boeing, LAN Airlines, TAM Airlines, GE Aviation, Bombardier, ICAO, CFM International, Rolls-Royce, CANSO, ACI and SNEA.



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