Industry intervention at ICAO Assembly, 3 October

Thank you Mr Chairman for giving industry the opportunity to contribute to your discussions.

Distinguished delegates, dear colleagues,

I am speaking on behalf of the collective worldwide aviation industry, represented here by: ACI representing the world’s airports, CANSO for the air navigation service providers, IATA for the world’s airlines, IBAC for business aviation and ICCAIA for the airframe and engine manufacturers.

We thank you, Mr Chairman for your wisdom in navigating us safely through sometimes turbulent discussions, and we thank all delegates for their tireless and very constructive efforts. We have listened carefully to your discussions.

We know how difficult this task is, having gone through a similar process ourselves. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of industry’s collective agreement on a global MBM which was presented to you last Thursday in Working Paper 68. To arrive at that agreement, industry stakeholders have had to overcome their differences, and accept some uneasy compromises to reach a consensus. It is unprecedented for an entire industry to come together behind a common climate change position. But that is exactly what the aviation industry did.

The authors of the Chicago Convention, in 1944, agreed on certain principles and arrangements in order that “international civil aviation may be developed in a safe and orderly manner and that international air transport services may be established on the basis of equality of opportunity and operated soundly and economically”.

It is in that same spirit, that our industry has been working towards the development of a single global market-based mechanism. A mechanism that preserves equal opportunities, fair competition, and respects the Special Circumstances and Respective Capabilities of States.

Industry looks to ICAO to be the body that safeguards the harmonised global system of standards that enable us to provide air services in a safe, secure and reliable manner. Those services are at the backbone of today’s world economy, offering connectivity for communities, trade and tourism in developed and developing countries around the globe.

ICAO’s continued leadership on the issue of developing a global MBM for international aviation is crucial to us. Industry believes that a single global MBM for international aviation should be viewed as a necessary complementary measure as an add-on to our efforts to improve on technological, operational and infrastructure advancements.

Getting the modalities of such a scheme right, in order to ensure environmental integrity, administrative simplicity and above all minimising competitive and market distortion is extremely delicate.

Therefore, Mr Chairman, industry stands united in urging States to make a clear and unequivocal commitment to ask the ICAO Council to develop a global MBM scheme for international aviation to be brought back to the next Assembly in 2016. In order to facilitate the Council’s work in bringing forward the best possible proposal, we urge states not to try to impose limitations and conditions on that work at this very early stage.

We therefore urge States, we appeal to the Assembly, to support the text with the amendments just proposed by the Chairman. Failure to provide the Council with that clear direction, unfettered by political conditions, or even no direction at all, risks condemning passengers and air service operators around the world, in both developed and developing countries to a patchwork of taxes, charges and conflicting measures that will impede the future sustainable growth of aviation.

Aviation is a force for good, an indispensable driver of sustainable growth and development around the world. Its license to grow, its continuing ability to bring social and economic benefits to our global community, depends on our ability to properly address our environmental impact.

Mr Chairman and dear delegates. This is an historic moment. The global aviation industry needs your help.

We urge you all to take a bold step forward, as we in industry have done, to secure a successful and environmentally sustainable aviation industry for the future.

Thank you Mr Chairman.


Haldane Dodd

Head of Communications

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